Datsun 240z

Here I’d like to share my latest project.
It’s a Datsun 240z created 100% in blender.
I hope that you’ll like it.

Here’s a final animation:

First test render, made in cycles with 128 samples and D-NOISE addon (which really saved my ass since I’m rendering on a laptop)

Second render, showing more detail, might need to change the lights a bit though.

Front wheel detail.

Better lighting and added details (side decals, brakes logo).

Still shot of the final model.


Really cool presentation. The whole two tone silouette look works really good. Only thing i am not really fond of is the lower stroke of the Z. I’d probably leave it in the background to be less intrusive. Might be just me though.

I’d love to see the model in a neutral setting with wires :slight_smile:

Keep it up!

Thanks for the hints, I’ll definitely upload wire renders as well as ones with different lights and materials. This one was more of a test. That’s why the Z might look a bit “rushed”.

Cheers! :smiley:

And some more renders added.

Great model! Not too fond of the racing green but that’s personal preference! :slight_smile: maybe the rims would profit if you shifted the hue more towards gold. They look a bit off.

Saw one of these after leaving work last week. Orange! Looked pretty cool :wink:

Yesterday I made another one in yellow. And changed the side sticker a bit. Though I know which orange you mean. I’ll make one liike that once I get back home :wink:

And here is the promissed orange one. I think it looks the best out of the three colours. I also felt like making the rims black, what do you think?


That’s neat! I like it

If you are interested, here’s the artstation page of this project.

Doesn’t D-noise only work with Nvidia graphics cards? How on Earth did you get your hands on a laptop with a Nvidia graphics card??

Yes it does work only with Nvidia. Idk, I bought it a couple years ago, it has GTX 960 in it. It’s not much, but everything you see has been rendered on that.

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