Datsun 240Z

Hey guys I just started on this and I might need a little help getting through this project. Just thought I’d post it up and share it.

This is it for now…


I never tried to make a car before, so no crits here. anyway… looks very promising, looking forward to see more.

So far it looks OK, but the “fish eye” angle of your render doesn’t give an overall view of the car. Could you post a wire, and perhaps a view from above?

i dont really model cars but i am assuming the chassis, the main shape, is the hardest bit.

iliketosayblah, actually I’d say it’s the front end that’s the hardest. Getting the lights the right shape was probably the hardest part.

Alright here’s a wire. I can’t crease some of the edges until I have a little bit more, so some of it is still too rounded.


Thanks for the wire. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest, especially when you get around to texturing the lights and the interior. I always have problems with those subjects…

where did you get that font?? I need it!! lol i’ve seen it on ads before, in that finger one

It’s called CA Scribb. Not sure where I found it but it was free.

Just a few more changes. Temporary tires and I’ll shrink the rims down a little some time soon.


nice :slight_smile: i like it
and thanks about the font

No problem.

Tail lights are almost done and I straightened up the hood and headlights a little.