Dauntless Blendswap contest

Here is my entry for the blendswap contest.

My old roommate and I used to sit around and dream this sort of stuff up all the time.

The idea behind the dauntless is: what do you drive when there are no roads. Each “foot” is capable of moving independently from the others. This would allow it to climb over just about any surface including cliffs, chasms, etc.

Here is a video showing the project progression

and you can download the file here

Impressive. Like the idea and also the fact that it reminded of the time when i would be doodling my imaginary vehicles and town plans at the back of my notepad.

I have one question though - what is the utility of this vehicle?
If it is to be able to negotiate any terrain and reach anywhere, would it not want to deliver a bigger payload? Maybe the control cabin needs to have room to seat more passengers or carry goods.

As for the work - top notch. Absolutely nothing to crit about the modeling or the textures. The environment could improve a bit though. Great work. 5 Stars from me.

Impressive modeling, bravo!

Great modelling. Well done!

probably the best work i’ve seen on these forums in a long time.

Very impressive model, thanks for entering it and best of luck in the competition.

Wow… The Blendswap image doesn’t do it justice. Until I saw this, I thought it was just one of those little car things. Now I get it…