Dave, concept art by Alfred Achiampong


(Panthergirl) #21

I’m new here what does #featured mean? Is that the listing on the top?

(Panthergirl) #22

I’m new here, how marketable are these skills? Can you point me to a link with more info about making money from these kinds of skills. Love they rendering @Lucasfalcao he’s awesome.

(Robert) #23

That a good job my friend!Keep going!

(Lucas Falcao) #24

Thank you! I usually work with character modeling, to start on this type of work you need to study anatomy, how to correctly modeling for animation, sculpt and you need to have a portfolio showing what you can do.

You can go to the CG Cookie Youtube Channel, there is a lot of character tutorials for free. But if you are just starting you need study the basics first, interface, navigation, modeling simple stuff and so on.