Dave interactive DemoReel 2011

hi there i’m sean hwang from Dave interactive
Dave Interactive is Animation production studio, located in Seoul, Korea.

Currently the company is in the process of producing faith based animation,
called “Jacob on the Road”, and mathmatic educaiton animation “Calcuman”.

and we have a vision to improve the efficiency of education by making contents of
education more interactive, and to obtain connection with foreign countries to share our good values.

In this Demo reel all 3D stuff made with Blender. (also use it for compositing and video editing)

hope u like it http://forums.cgsociety.org/images/smilies/smile.gif

Really good stuff! How many people worked on the production of these animations?

This is one of the best animations done blender I have seen ever. 5*
Can you say what render times per frame you have, and do you use ao or just baked ao?

Cooool! :stuck_out_tongue:

wow that is totally awsome

calcuman - render time takes about 4min , raytraced AO, no baked Ao, full length 10min
jacob on the road - about 1~2min, approxymate AO, no baked Ao, full lengh about 40min
thanks :slight_smile:

calcuman 6 people workin on for 10min long animation
jacob on the road about 10 people workin on for 40min long animation

You should have used a different name: “Dave Interactive Fantastically Amazing Demo - reel”. Great stuff, I would love too see the movies in full!

Professional stuff, but you already know that!

thanks for ur reply
we’ll do our best!

very impressive :slight_smile: very high quality throughout :slight_smile:

thank you! :smiley: