Dave the Dinosaur Free Model/Rig

Hello I’ve made Dave as a way to pass some time and was rather pleased with him so i thort i would post him on the forum.
Use as you will and enjoy.
Download Dave model.blend (724 KB)

Hmm, I made a dino rig to. Not as “scary” looking as yours though and I doubt its good as learning material lol.

Looks good! People can learn a lot by using models/rigs given out by people. The only problem is, there is no file there. For some reason it says it can’t find it.

that looks fun. CD, come come.

Well, its kinda dragon ish.

sry for the bad link ive changed it and seems to be working now :rolleyes:

It looks more like a mech then a biological creature with the angularity and the jaw. If you’re going for biological then it needs quite a bit of work.

ye that’s a slightly out of date render but i liked the pose I’ve polished it up a bit more since and did make it at first to go in a game so its fairly low poly.