David McDermott - Sketchbook

latest image.

Hi, I’m a freelance artist here are a few of my works.

Edit: current work- Hair study.

This is really nice. Even without animation at the moment, it looks like she has a lot of personality.

Business woman model I am working on.

A short test of lighting and a rough animation

Thanks STW, I hope to have some updates soon of her rigged and posed, in the meantime a rough lighting and animation test.

i like your style! Keep it up!

@masterxeon Thanks for the encouragement, I should have some shots of the model rigged soon.

Still in the process of rigging the character.
no facial expressions yet.
but here is an update.

Another shot of the wiz, he is a mascot for a client.

Practicing with materials.

Here is something I was working on recently. The clients brief was to take their cute Car-shopping cart and create a cartoon mascot out of it. “Howie Rolls” was born.

This is a small job for a client, a medical model of taste cell receptors, Modeled/textured in Blender and rendered in 3Ds max, at clients request.

wow that is really weird.

Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue: Yes doing freelance work introduces you to the weird and wonderful.

Here is another medical commission, the human homonculus.Modeled and sculpted in blender. This was for 3D print.

Here is the finished print. It was for a educational group who plan to make these type of educational aids available at a low cost to schools. Currently these type of models are only available from medical suppliers and are very expensive.

I am working on a cartoon business woman, Currently testing the facial rig.

One in a series of images for a lecture, to be used in a T.e.d talk.

Here is a character I made for a client for an ios strategy game.

Anthro print for toy company

This was a design for 3D printing. The client printed and sold it at anime trade shows/conventions. to promote their project.
a rough test print of the character



I modeled and rigged “Natasha” for Chuck Ian Gordon’s ambitious VR Musical “3Futurez”

You can see more about his project at his site