David Oreilly's texture style

Hello Blenderheads,

David Oreilly’s films have a very interesting style for textures. I’m talking about things like the sadows of objects over the table here:

or the clouds here:

It looks like Vertex Paint on a low-poly mesh, but sometimes the gradient goes to transparent, like the computer shine on the first example. Of course you could create textures like that, but looks more like letting the computer generate the gradients.

I made a test with Vertex Paint and it looks like that. BUT there’s no way to make it define the alpha channel of the object. Is there any?


There is. http://www.pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=103776

Your links do not show up.

Thank you!
The links were pointing to images of ‘The External World’ and ‘Please Say Something’.