Made in blender 2.65.8 with dyntopo…THANKS Mr. Nicholas Bishop

Not toooooooo shabby, there chief.

Not perfect, and the material is not adding much… but it’s quite a sculpt. Pretty close to the real deal, without checking the original I can’t fault anything specific.

for 6 hours of work is “not tooooooo shabby”…but i respect your opinion

A good one, congratulations.
I believe, Kemmler made a joke. It’s quite close to the original. Good work.
But, you could try a better material. And a better background.

yes a good sculpt. sure there are some differences, but altogether your sculpt is very convincing. david’s pose is quite difficult actually as simple as it looks. i have tried myself, catching the correct weight-shift that makes the whole expression of michelangelo’s david is quite a task. your effort is really good. a joy to look at, and yes, as mentioned already, very worth a nicer material…

Nice model. I agree it needs work on the material, background and lighting.

Yes. Really nice work in general, but the difference in his right leg kinda makes it look like he’s just moving into the famous pose.

Yes, my comment was meant as a compliment by way of understatement. Sorry, if english is not your first language that statement would have come across wrong. I think it’s impressive, that was what I meant to say.