David's Random Multimedia, inc. HQ

Not particularly good, just a quick picture I made today, with some post pro done in Gimp.


Really good! However, instead of making the building/booth so monumental in size…try to tone it down a notch and make it look more like an overgrown human-sized booth. The teeny tiny stage makes the whole picture look just a tad less realistic. Other than that, super solid render!

The incredible size is actually deliberate, it’s a joke, if you’ve seen the ‘Let’s Play 2’ thread you’ll notice I quite often make random exaggerations about my company (me):):

“Who’s Darwin?” said the great David, owner of DRMI, as he lay on a bed of gold with sheets of money.

could someone refresh my sad pathetic memory?

Oh, yeah!
You were all worshipping DRMI, when…[/quote]

Then Awesome! If you were going for the overgrown size then sweet! Superb Job!

ha, go deflate your exagerated head man :wink:
Nice work.

Thanks for the comments:)
Found another random quote (So many forgotten classics… I should start a thread!):

Glad that a past comrade had come back, DRMI immedialely supplied the angel with David’s Random Multimedia, inc.'s finest weapons.
Among these weapons was the SUPER POWERED LINK CREATOR, a weapon that instantly created hundreds of links to the David’s Random Multimedia, inc. homepage. This weapon is one of the most powerful advertising techniques available, and is technically not part of this story, but oh well.
Click the smiley face!

Links are great:D!
I like advertising my site.

Errrr, I don’t really understand what it’s supposed to be. :confused:
Why don’t you change the boring standard-font? It will look better with another one!


Errrr, I don’t really understand what it’s supposed to be. :confused:

It’s my international HQ!
About the font, I feel the default one gives it that ‘huge international faceless corporation’ look that you just don’t get with other fonts…:smiley: