Davinci is integrating Fusion

Now Fusion is integrated into Davinci Resolve, so you can composite clips in the timeline - Blender could have been the first software to do this if there was a little more faith in the VSE.

Resolve press meeting:


The VSE sadly never got the attention it needed to actually become a good editor. I know some people use it, but not many.

Lets see what eevee 2.8 brings (viewport compositing)

This sounds very interesting and I’m intrigued how it plays out, but it seems like Fusion standalone might be discontinued (nothing announced regarding new version) and this means that there is one comp software less. Resolve with Fusion tab will not be a proper comp software, it will be a frakengradingeditor with comp capabilities.

Now, let’s hope the switch to 15 will be free. I bought a Resolve Studio 14 license just a few days ago.

On the german Cutter forum Slashcam they said the update will be likely free…
Wohoo what a great company!

I really hope they don’t discontinue Fusion standalone. I really like it, although for me it seems like it was more stable when eyeon developed it. Had a lot of crashes since v8.

From the BMD forum

Great update! Hope it’s stable and doesn’t become sluggish.

By the way, is the free version of DaVinci Resolve also going to have the Fusion built in?
Or they are discontinuing the free version?

It will. There are some feature differences but main functionality will be there. And there will be new version of Fu standalone also, as confirmed in one interview with BMD representative. They did pull a “funny” stunt with their PR though, and mood in Fu forum does not look too bright yet.

Great update indeed. As a final cut pro user on Mac, i tried all the free/open source/freemium windows video editors, and once I found Davinci Resolve, I haven’t looked back. Now, very happy they are adding further value to their free version with Fusion. The only other software that comes close in terms of value/price is Hitfilm Express, but you still have to pay for some of the features that Resolve comes with.

Wishing that Blender’s VSE gets just amount of attention in 2.8, especially with text and titles. Would be very happy to use it as well.

Just to give another angle at this whole Fusion thing… I’m mostly using Nuke for my comp work, and one expectation I had was that Fusion will amp itself up to give Nuke some real competition. It didn’t. Instead of fixing bugs and making the core stronger BMD again decided to do some fancy stuff instead (probably meaning another “for next NAB it will be great” cycle) which is very interesting for everyone except compositors. And this means that there is again less incentive for Foundry to pull itself together faster regarding Nuke. There is core stuff allegedly being done, but the actual development intent is just as vague as for BMD. <irony>Fortunately for Nuke users, Foundry can’t make stunts like BMD just as easily because Nuke is actually used for comping :D</irony>

Cool. It looks like a rival to Nike Studio.
By the way, where is the license page?
I wonder if users can commercially use the free version.


“i can confirm you can use the free version of DaVinci Resolve for personal and commercial projects, free.”

I can also confirm that, which is good news. Not-so-good news is the Win version doesn’t support Win 7, which is still common in the corporate world.

Did you test it?

Version 14 should also run only under Windows 10, but ran with small restrictions under Win 7.

No, that was direct from their tech support. I’ve got a personal build brewing that will be able to use it, though, so I’m not going to play around with compatibility (and IT) on my work computer.

Thanks for your answer.