DaVinci Resolve 11 Beta Lite is out

Anyone looking for a professional grade NLE (non linear video editor) on a budget (read: FREE!) should really try the newest beta for DaVinci Resolve 11. Quite amazing, actually, and I still cannot believe this is freely downloadable.

The latest Lite version can work with and output up to 4K UHD (3840x2160) resolution! Except for Stereoscopic editing, noise reduction, and motion blur, everything is functional.

It’s been running stable for me. Bye bye Premiere CS6 and Lightworks! I was getting fed up by the licensing restrictions of Lightworks, and this is the perfect NLE replacement. :slight_smile:

List of features:

Get it here: http://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/
(click download button, and you will find DaVinci Lite in the left column - do not download the pro version)

Hello Herbert123,

thanks for sharing, I will give it a try. Although I had some licenses from other vendors, I was looking for a FREE alternative and I was never able to get Lightworks to run properly…

Just installed yesterday night after seeing UHD res support for Lite version, not sure but the previous wasn’t, right? Also seeing OpenEXR fully supported, just dropped a Cycles render and did bit of grading, awesome piece of software and blazing fast.

Been a bit of a pain finding online how to set up the “Media thing” to import my footage on win7. Solved and running greatly.

I also searched a lot but unfortunately found nothing.
Do you have a link for me?

I can also import any footage on Win7 64. (No icon on the disk to open it)

I also get an Cuda Error, but I have not the current driver installed.

Thanks in advance

Left upper corner-> DaVinci Resolve -> Preferences -> Media storage -> click plus button and add folder directory you wish, then Save.
Quit and fire up Davinci again, then my directory is there and can import what i want. Without quit and reopen nothing happened, drove me crazy…

Keep in mind is GPU intensive, maybe you’re short on VRAM. Also minimum system memory required is 8Gb.

Thank you very much marcoG.

“quit and reopen” … Damn. I have not made ​​naturally.

It kills me when developers are suck in GUI design:)