Davinci Resolve 15 vs After Efect

(Mr Roboto) #1

I am looking forward to using more of Resolve and totally ditching Adobe Premiere and After Effects. As a filmmaker on limited budget the monthly subscription is just atrocious. Trying out ACD Ultimate as replacement for Photoshop and looking to Resolve as Premiere Pro replacement and to some extent After Effects.

Hoping to get more into scripting on Blender once I am done with my current project. Would like to help out in custom scripting and make After Effects functionality as seamless in Blender.

Looking forward to contribute to those doing some good scripting work already. e.g.


Just need to get up to speed on Python.

Anyone have experience working with Blender generated animation and assets on Resolve?

(kesonmis) #2

What kind of assets and animation do you mean? Image sequences or something else? Now that Fusion is stitched into Resolve, one could also use fbx, alembic etc in Fusion comps…