Dawn on the east coast.

It is simply two spheres with uv textures so its not exactly the most complex thing, but not bad for a 15 year old right? See what youtube and 2 years of practice can do? lol

Shouldn’t that be called ‘Dusk on the east Coast’

Um… that should be ‘Dusk on the east coast’…

But as far as the image goes, earth itself needs to be much brighter. The area that the sun is hitting is too dark. And you should try moving the earth over to the right a little more, so it’s using the rule of thirds :yes:

Aw, I knew I would mess up somewhere lol I actually had to sit and think whether or not it was dusk or dawn for a while. Still screwed up… Apologies, so are you saying brighten the earth and reduce the illuminated area? I’m kind of an all round noob at this (that’s why I did planets lol) but I’m really interested in this.

Hey how about dawn on the West coast?!

It’s not that either. I had to double check as well, with the risk of looking a complete idiot if I incorrectly made the correction.
I like the image but I think the atmospheric haze stands out too much, I’d like to see it blend a little more with the planet so it looks to be one object rather than one planet and one atmospheric haze. I’ve never got anything I’ve yet been happy with though.
Also the moon looks too big but could be OK for artistic effect