Here is my new work.
Modelled in blender, rendered in yafray.

very realistic

Very cool pic.

Shouldn’t the street be more crowded of some sort? More vehicles, some cityzens and such? No need to have a lot: the lighting reminds me the early hours of a day :wink: so I do’nt expect too much people anyway.

Congratulations for the texturing (no repetition!!! :o ) and the motion blur on the tranway.

Very nice :slight_smile: it reminds me of the zombie movie ‘28 days later’ were there are only a few people left in the city and zombies lurk in the shadows and buildings…I like the tagging(graffiti) on the wall, it gives the render a nice touch.

very nice dude, i see it doesnt stop now lol.

:o :o

Excellent work.

I really love this picture.
If I’m not thinking very hard I see it as a photo of a desolated street at dawn.
In fact, I immediately bring to mind times when I’ve had to get up at dawn to go to work via tram.

So it’s very convincing.

I think I can really appreciate how much effort this took.



GR8 work man.

/zrob wieksze dziury w asfalcie bo u nas przeciez sa wieksze ;)/

very realistic…

one critic - maybe sky got too litle clouds…

which city is it? :smiley:


It looks like a scene out of the game Mafia, I love this style of art.

Nice work of art, it looks pretty run down with the lack of more people.

The windows, something wrong with the windows…
There should be something behind them, they should be transperent.
Other than that, great job!!! :slight_smile:

This street should be empty. It’s dawn and people still sleep :wink: I’ve tried to add some cars but I don’t like it with them.

sweet, varry realistic, it seems to me that the street should be blacker?
all the streets around here are black

when i the image was loading and i only saw the first (red) building i thought “WHOEHOEHOEHEEEOO” the street and train were kinda dissapointing…

Well, the texturing is spot on and deserves a 5 star rating just for that aspect of it.

Buit I have to agree that it needs a few people and some other stuff lying around, (i.e. garbage cans, papers on the street, etc.). I know you say that it is dawn, but there should still be a lot more going on in this render to make it beleivable.


I like it! Great models, textures, and lights.

The empty streets are understandable, since I think the artist is trying to convey a sense of emptiness.

However, the windows, especially the ones situated on the lower levels of the buildings, look strange. The windows higher up can be said to reflect the grey sky, but the ones lower look like they’ve been boarded up with grey cardboard from the inside.

Maybe their supposed to look like that???


Here is new version:

o wow… now some humans :P.

nice car.

nice image and textures.