ehhm. i realy have to learn how to make very nice textures. looks very good but i find the street very empty. there are some details missing.

Very very nice scene! :slight_smile:

Can we see how you’ve set up the lights? I love the cloudy-dawn atmosphere.

Lighting is very simple: just pathlight with gradient :slight_smile:

YAY! more stuff!

It seems there’s an issue with proportional scales of the car and the walking man (about the same scale) and the tram (way too bigger). Certainly an illusion caused by the perspective, but it hurts my sense of realism.

The green thingy slightly on the left (a trash can?) is too vivid and doesn’t fit at all in the scene, even if I like these new stuff being added. Same for the walking character, its colors are too plain while the whole pic is more deep-tones (huh… is it a word? is it understandable?)

About the general composition, it would be better, perhaps, to park the red (moving?) car in the foreground, and add two or three trees in the background, in front of the houses.

Hoping to see more very soon !) I’m a fan of grzybu’s artwork lol :wink: