Day 02 Wisp - 🧁 Night Cream Hiking Inktober 2020

Come along with me? Made in Blender, rendered with Evee.

Behind the scenes for all my inktobers in Blendernation!

Timelapse of the whole bamboozling just below.

More behind the scenes here:

Peace out!


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thanks Bart! :smiley:

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Are you using a custom shader? Honestly, I’m amazed. I did not understand how you did it even after watching the video.
And BTW, what’s that window at the bottom right? Haven’t seen anything like it before.

Hey Tahsin! Custom shader yes, It comes from DarthShader over here. Check it out it’s awesome!

Bottom right window is my second screen capture on top of my main display. It’s the camera view overlayed using OBS. If you don’t know about OBS, check out here! Works amazing. See you around!

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