Day at the Lake

First image I’ve made with a character in it. Thought I’d share. Hope you folks enjoy it. Enough computer time, I’m going to the real lake now.

That’s a great picture. No mess, clear idea, perfect execution. Maybe, the positioning of feet a bit random-looking.

Great image! The skin shader looks very good as well as the sand.

Great work! Love the grass, maybe the cloth material is a tad to transparent but apart from that epic!

I Like it very much. Somehow Emotional :wink: Great Work

Lovely, great work.

Nice! Love the feeling you simulate.

Like it a lot. +1

It’s just beautiful. The feeling… love it <3

Simply awesome :slight_smile: … looks Beautiful

Its really Cool :wink:



Awesome! I really like the scene, it brings good feelings, that’s the point of doing all this work in the end, feelings…!

Lovely piece! Ypu can feel the breeze, the warmth of the sand, the sun… Amazing!