Day C

Final render
Tools:Blender, Yafray, 2d editor

bw version
wip render

Not really any flaws at first glance. Another good work by G_Taurus

Very nice I like how you worked on the details. The only thing is that when I look outside your window and I see the industry it does’nt match the who room. Its made at another style (dont now how to explain)

Overall really nice :wink:

Cinema 4D eh? XD

Anyway, looks nice. Could do with a bit of photo noise, but the rendering looks great.

That’s very good, the textures are all good and I like the level of detail. One thing I noticed is that the reflection in the television screen seems a bit strange, it seems to be warped differently to how it normally would. Otherwise, a very good render:D

Nice! Very realistic!