Daytime/Ambient Architectural Lighting - Snooker Room

Hi all.

I’m trying to get to the stage where I can use Blender for some architectural modelling and visualisation.

I’ve started with modelling a snooker room/library, as most of the dimensions are pretty much defined for me.

With the help of bruxy’s fantastic tutorials, and with the use of some models that kind folk have been good enough to contribute to the world (though the snooker table is all my own work) I’ve managed to produce the attached. I haven’t yet been really too worried about getting perfect textures etc.

The scene uses ambient occlusion, one sun lamp, and 2 hemis pointing up from the floor by the door where the sun enters.

But the back of the wall closest to the sun, and one one wall seem to get almost no light at all. The wall material currently has no ambient or emit attached.

Any thoughts on what’s needed to make this look better? I’ve been considering a light area light from the lit wall back towards the sun, but not sure if that’s the best approach? Am I better to give them all a bit of ambient instead?

Once I get this room sorted, I can move on to the rest of the building…

All help and critical comments appreciated.


Are you set on using Blender Internal as the renderer?
If not, an external one will be your best bet for producing photorealistic archi images.
YafRay and Indigo are both great. Indigo is a beast on render times though.
Good luck.

Hi FootFungus,

No, I’m not set on Blender internal, but… Below is the same scene rendered in yafray. Blech! I can’t even work out why one table leg is now missing!

Not quite photorealistic yet! I obviously have a few things to research to use yafray properly!

Is it a duplicated leg?
I’ve had some problems with duplicated objects in YafRay before.

I actually find Indigo easier to use. It has a nice export script and is fairly straightforward, using MLT gives some nice results.
Exporting the textures to indigo is kind of a pain though, you have tp UV map them all.

Is the hot spot on the floor from the hemi lamps?

I’d work with the GI settings in YafRay, and see what you can get.

Yeah, the leg is the first one, I think, from which all the other legs were duplicated (linked).

The hemi lamps are both pointing upwards, so maybe they’re reflecting off the bottom of the table? Maybe. I might try and play around to find out.

Or maybe for now I might just stick to Blender internal. I’ve got enough to learn already!

You’d probably get more help in the WIP or focused Critique section…

Well, first off, ambient light is not really useful. In BI it is probably better to simulate global illumination with some properly placed lamps (jeremy birn has some excellent tutorials on that, actually a whole book about good lighting) or to use AO. Both options are not optimal for such renderings, to get good results you’ll have to do a lot of tweaking.
In other rendering engines which do support GI, you’d probably have an easier time - yafaray is a nice option to use and try, as well as indigo but both will require a lot of learning to get the results you want.

But the choice of rendering engine also influences your materials and texturing, so it is necessary to decide now which one you want to use…