Daz 3D and Blender

Hi Guys, and Happy New Year. I’ve been thinking about starting an animation project and I was wondering if there was any kind of benifit to using Daz 3D with Blender, as opposed to just doing everything in Blender. This would be my first animation project, so any input you may have on Daz will be appreciated. Thanks

We had an idea to use Daz characters in UDK for our game and animate them in Blender. We’ve tried a couple of times really hard to make everything work, but it has been very painful. Daz makes everything look so easy and tempting, though. Currently it seems that we are only able to use Daz for bodies (i.e. not to be animated at all). Daz characters are not easy to animate in Blender anyway since they have such a complex mesh. You need to buy a separate tool for Daz in order to export a less accurate version of the mesh. So it is actually not free to use, even if they make it look like so. The animation tool in (free) Daz is also not usable at all, even the full version of AniMate2 is horrible compared to Blender. My message is: stick to Blender if you can.

OK Thanks. I downloaded all that crap the other day but I haven’t installed any of it yet, and having heard all that, it’s not going to happen. So in other words, it’s not much more than a big dress-up program.

Thanks Quandtum, I’ll definatly check out the Art Mag and Poser. That was one hell-of-a video.