DAZ 3D Studio - try it out

Hi guys

I am sure some might know it, some might not.

I am addressing this to those who do not know it and need an application
where you get perfect human models including perfect mesh deformations.

I used the software to pose figures into ergonomic sets for furniture / product design
and I must say the software for being free is a very usable.

The interface is easy to use and the result of the mesh is perfect for those
who do NOT have a perfect human model in Blender with great weight paints which
to be honest I did not see as well.

Morphing posing and bending the character result mainly in very smooth and
squeeze free poses.

The down side is that you cannot export the model including the morph targets into
Blender with bones but you can export the model as baked and have a perfect geometry.

For those who do not have much time to do posing and character modeling
and rather need them as a prop DAZ is the call!

Sidenote: Signing up with the daz3D community has nice perks. Every once in a while they have props and people, morphs and stuff for “sale” in their shop for free. You just shop and checkout and pay nothing at all. Over the years I got a few thousand models together…

Also classics like Mike and Victoria. I think in V3 the last time with high res maps.