Daz Importer _ Diffeomorphic addon : nails problems


I had extra nails on the market to apply on my mesh : https://www.daz3d.com/hand-salon--fake-nails-and-jewelry
That’s work perfectly fine on Daz but while importing with the addon, I have those strange artifact, how can I fix this ?

Daz replace the original genesis8 nails by he new one but Diffeomorphic addon add them both… how can I stop the software to apply the original Genesis8 nails ?

You can’t as it is a joined mesh…but you can fix it easily…
Select your figure > edit mode > select NONE…In the material editor scroll down to Nails and underneath select > SELECT all the nails will be selected…( make sure it is the right ones in case the pointed nails were joined also) in the viewport > X and delete faces… that will fix the merged face artifacts…


Thank you a lot !!! it’s has solved my problem :pray:t5:

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