Daz Importer - Light or render settings

Another question, which I am obviously unable to answer myself.
I am working on a scene (Japanese archer). I am from Daz3d and discovered the wonderful world of Blender recently. In Daz3d I have my asset library and I find posing there much easier. After that I moved my character to Blender and would like to continue working and rendering it here. Honestly I am quite fascinated by the possibilities in Blender.
For importing the scene I used the experimental build (1.6) of the Daz Importer. This worked absolutely fantastic, but I struggle with the render settings or light setup (I guess one of those but I am not sure where the problem lies).
Depth of the hair, complexion and color of the skin seems different. I know it is comparing apples with oranges aka Iray and Cycles. Maybe you can give me some indications. My original idea was to just use the assets and posing from Daz3d and do the rest if the scene and modelling here in Blender.

I tried several HDRIs, the current one is Lilienstein from HDRI Haven using cycles.

Here a quick screen with Iray in Daz3d having Lilienstein HDRI (same as above) as light source

Try turning off filmic

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Thank you for the reply. Turning off filmic made it even worse. Cycles still is more greenish and with less contrast, as it looks.

Your cycles render is with 128 sampling in an early state and your viewport uses just 32 !!!, it’s just fro preview, try much more and under Render Properties → Performance set Progressive Refine (for repeative research even do a Final Render with Save Bufffers and Persitent Data) then you see the changes on every iteration (and can stop rendering with ESC if it’s enough and set that sample value for later renders and disabling progressive…)

I think the greenish look come from SSS ?? and cyles samples are too low.
(Filmic is colormangement… and is mostly recommended.)

I used the final render and went up to 256 samples. I tried it on a very basic Genesis 8 setting.
The SSS settings from Daz are imported and converted. But yes, it seems that a higher SSS would be needed overall. Strange, also the shirt has different characteristics.

Even the shirt, which has no SSS or volume scattering is rendered differently.

The setting with Iray

The same with cycles

But they are different renderer :wink: (IDK how Iray is displaying with iterations…) But you can see: not a real problem, just a little bit different.

I know, apple and oranges!
I went deep down into the Daz-SSS settings and their translation by Daz Importer. Seems there is no 1:1 translation but it seems some scatter colors got wrongly translated. Just a guess …
I am fiddling around …

How does IRay deal with highlights? The default way in Blender is using filmic which “squeezes in more range” at the sacrifice of saturation in the high range. If IRay is relying on some kind of other automatic tonemapping technique (the ground is as bright as the sky), I wouldn’t be surprised there are differences. Try setting the same rendering style without any post effects, then compare.

Pre filmic, you either had to use post tone mapping (which I could never get right), or carefully and endlessly tweak the lighting to avoid highlights (and loose the details in them), usually a rather impossible task. Filmic is a fire-and-forget “tone mapper” that doesn’t require any use input, but does loose out in highlight saturation. Usually it doesn’t matter to me. But if making children’s shows with lots of wild and bright colors - I might be forced to think differently about using filmic.

Well, as it was said earlier by okidoki, they are different renderer and even getting “base render” images without post effects for comparison is difficult. Daz3D has a more photographic approach for the settings.

I agree that it cannot be expected to get defacto identical images from both render engines. Still, I was hoping for more similar results and the differences in the colors or contrasts are quite strong. I have to decide if I use Blender just for modelling and get it all back in Daz for the render (Iray seems to work nicer with their own characters) or live with the “flatter” renders in Cycles. At the beginning I hoped to find a workaround, but I see now that there is no easy solution for this. At least I learned a bit more about skin textures :wink: