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Hi! Some issue(2.8, dev 22.10). If scale model <100(like 92%), merge anatomy function work not correcly. Сontact lines visible.
And if save .duf in another pose like stock, loading pose from blender work wrong.

ps: sorry for bad english. tanx 4 u job.

There is a discussion about rigidity in https://bitbucket.org/Diffeomorphic/import-daz/issues/237/buttons-for-anatomy-morphs-correctives. AFAIU, rigidity only matters when you transfer shapekeys from body to anatomy, so it does not affect the weighting.

Geografts should have the same vertex weights as the base mesh at the same position. What could be a problem is that the vertices on the geograft boundary are moved to the corresponding body verts before merging. Do the verts on the geograft boundary move correctly before it has been merged with the body?

Exactly what are you scaling?

  • The body armature in object mode?
  • The common armature in object mode, previously joined with Merge Rigs?
  • Both meshes in object mode the same amount? You are not really suppose to do that, and anyway have to remove the scale locks first.
  • Change the Unit Scale on import?

I don’t see any problems when I try either of these. Could you describe exactly your procedure and what assets you use.

As for the other issue, the answer is yes; poses only work correctly with the right rest pose. Typically I have problems with foot poses for females in high heels; she should always be standing on her toes, irrespective of how the foot is posed in the file you load.

“Geografts should have the same vertex weights as the base mesh at the same position. What could be a problem is that the vertices on the geograft boundary are moved to the corresponding body verts before merging. Do the verts on the geograft boundary move correctly before it has been merged with the body?”

Hmm, things actually seem a bit wonky before merging as well (the geograft doesn’t track the character mesh exactly). I wonder if problems are being caused by the fact that the geograft has its own fairly complex armature. I’ll keep experimenting and I’ll let you know if I manage to isolate the problem…

Sorry, I put it wrong. Scaling was done in DAZ. The whole figure.

And another question - After converting to rigify, do you need to redraw the weights?

2All: Looking for a normal (video)manual for IK-rigging,

Not working for me here on 2.81, anyone else experiencing this? It won’t load the model.

Sorry, but I cannot reproduce your problem. Are you sure that the genitals were in the right place before merging?

Rigification converts Daz weights to Rigify weights, so it should work without modifying the weights. However, the Daz and Rigify rigs are different and the translation may be imperfect, so you may need to tweak the weights for optimal deformation.

Downloaded 2.81 alpha yesterday and I did not have any problems. Are you sure that the Daz paths are set up correctly? If you start blender from a console window, are there any error messages?

Yes. I do it by Your manuals.

I have actually found the solution for my question, explained in this thread:

but I leave my original question here, you can igonre it.

(((I have some problems with the finger rolls after rigifying. The deform bones are not keeping the same rolls as it was in the metarig and this causes irregular rotations. (normally bend should be on local X, but somehow it gets messed up)
Can someone confirm this error? Thx

Here shown the metarig (moved a bit) and the deform rig next to it in rest pose.

A newly generated metarig works fine, and I see no reason why this one fails…

I played with it a bit more: there is an other addon, khalibloo panel which also rigifies daz characters, and it has the same problem. (and that is with collada import).
It has a problem with both genezis 8 and 3.
I tried to play with the finger rolls, I even deleted and redraw the bones… but no use… I couldn’t identify what cause this glitch)))

The addon makes sure that X is the main bending axis already when the character is imported. The bone orientation is defined in the duf file, but that orientation is useless because the Y axis does not have to be aligned with the bone in Daz. The roll angles are hence correct when the character is imported, and remain correct after rigification in B2.79, both with and without Rigify legacy mode.

In B2.80, Rigify messes up the roll angles. Rigification can be done in two steps, using the Create Metarig and Rigify Metarig buttons, and the problem is with the second step, which invokes the Rigify addon. I will investigate further later.

Thanks, as I edited in the previous post automatic bone roll calculations are the problem. setting it to manual makes the rig work fine.
Btw with 2.82 it seems significant changes are coming to rigify, i hope it will still work with your addon, it’s great.

Thanks for the info. The plugin now changes roll_alignment to manual automatically.

Hi Thomas,

There seems to be a problem with merging anatomy.
In Blender 2.79, merging always worked as expected whatever version of the plugin is used (I tried 1.3.1 / 1.4.0 and 1.4.1; no problems)
In 2.80, merging works, but the geometry needs to be joined manually, after which all seems ok.
But in 2.81, I am unable to merge anatomy geocrafts, I use geocrafts from 3feetwolf and meipe.

Perhaps you could have a look at it?

Thanks for sharing your plugin!

I downloaded 2.81 yesterday and tested with a few geografts, but didn’t have any problem. Nor do I have to join the meshes manually in 2.80. So I don’t understand what the problem is.

Strange, I tried different settings of your plugin, as well as Blender settings but I cannot get it to work.
If I find something I will let you know.
Are you also using DAZ 4.12 by the way?

Merging geocrafts are working OK, my mistake.
What happened is that I do not like the layout with addons on the right, so I split the viewport and have addons on the left.
It appears that this then causes unexpected results.

Sorry about that!