DAZ Importer

It is straightforward to make sure that this bug does not occur (I will do that when I get home tonight), but I wonder what type of character (Genesis generation) would cause this problem. I cannot reproduce it myself.

You seem to be using an outdated version of the plugin - the line numbers don’t match mine. Anyway, this error should no longer appear after the last commit.

I’ll make some tests later, but I was using the 1.5RC.
For some reason looks like Blender switched back to the 1.4 one, I’ll see if that was the problem, I just deleted the old version entirely.

New release candidate: https://www.dropbox.com/s/scoe4umsrnh8z5x/import_daz-v1.5.0-20200918.zip

There was a serious bug in RC1 when loading morphs; basically, morphs that are shapekeys did not show up in the morph panels although they were loaded.

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I just wanted to say this thing is working the best it’s ever worked. Great damn job. Now if I could just get 2.9 to stop crashing on renders that would be even better. Seem mostly to be a Denoise/driver/nVidia/ eff’ery issue.

Besides that love it.

Can’t seem to “Save Local textures” to convert over to UDIM’s.

Edit 2
I forgot to save the file. /facepalm

There is a nasty bug in version 1.50 when importing a character that is scaled down in DAZ studio (youth morph etc)
Bone position appears correct, but the size of the bones is not, creating issues with IK.
Unfortunately, the engetudutiuo (or something) addon cannot be used anymore, so there is no easy fix.

If the bone orientation method is set to Daz Studio (the default), bones should be oriented as engetudouiti; at least he closed the issue in the bug tracker a while ago. There does not seem to be a concept of bone length in DS, so its not clear to me what the correct size is. The plugin uses the distance between the center_point and the end_point (head and tail with the Blender Legacy orientation method), which seems to work okey in most cases.

Bones have the same orientation, and hence roll angles, irrespective of any morphs applied. That seems to be how it is in DS.

The simple IK rig seems messed up with short legs, but mhx and rigify seem to work correctly.

DAZ Importer Version 1.5.0

No show-stopper bugs have shown up in RC2, so it now becomes the stable version 1.5.0. RC1 has been deleted from my dropbox account, to make sure that nobody downloads that by mistake. The development version now becomes 1.5.1.

DAZ importer v 1.5.0: https://www.dropbox.com/s/scoe4umsrnh8z5x/import_daz-v1.5.0-20200918.zip

Documentation (wip): http://diffeomorphic.blogspot.com/p/daz-importer-version-15.html