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hi … I tried a node_tree for skin in scale 1 to 1 of the import daz model.master_skin.blend (856.6 KB)

in 2.91 the torso shader uses a volumetric tree to create subsurface scattering. This no longer works as intended and just fills the bounding box with a reddish fog. To fix disconnect nodes that are connected to the Volume input of the output node and replace it with a SSS node.

Is there an option to collapse UDIM and keep the textures undistorted in DAZ Importer? I really wanted to have a single texture tile for all body parts.

The bounding box fog was fixed several months ago. It arose when you render volumetrics with eevee, and the solution was to have separate output nodes for cycles and eevee, where the eevee path does not contain any translucency or volumetrics. I don’t have access to Blender right now, but I cannot see that happening, unless you use an old version of the plugin which does not have separate paths for cycles and eevee.


  1. Does the problem only arise in eevee?
  2. Do the materials have separate output nodes for cycles and eevee?

There is a button called Collapse UDIMs (or something similar) in the materials section. It shifts all UVs to the first tile. Restore UDIMs restores the original tiles.

Move UDIMs To Tile in the Finishing section moves all UVs to a specific tile. The intended use is to move geograft UVs to tile 1002 before merging with body. 1002 is the tile where the torso UVs are located.


That actually worked beautifully! I was able to make the G8 single tile and baked all parts to a single texture file!

How do you managed to get that done without distorting the position of the textures in the model? I cant find a way to do it manually without the help of the addon, super curious!

The texture nodes have the extension setting set to Repeat (the default), so if the uv coordinates are shifted in integer steps nothing happens to the renders. The tool then shifts the uvs so all of them are inside the unit square. This is somewhat tedious to do by hand, because the shifts are not the same for different materials, so it has to be done separately for each material. Or for each group of materials that live in the same tile.

Have problem with morphs when export fbx to ue4(latest DI from repo). No one morphs after import to ue4.
1.5.0 stable - export fine (I use one .dbz for both version DI).

upd: Sorrry, my fold. Forgot uncheck “Apply modifiers” when export.

Hello Thomas. Are you aware of the auto lip sync animation tool from the 32 bit version of Daz Studio? Would you be interested in implementing this tech in future releases for use in Blender some how? Let me know what you think of this idea.

Yeah, I think I read something about a lip-sync tool a long time ago, but never looked closer into it. It must be very old if it works with a 32-bit version of DS, and I don’t have any idea how it worked.

You can import lipsync files made with Papagayo, though, with the Load Moho button in the Visemes panel.

Hi Thomas,
I have a problem that is probably because of my ignorance.
I imported the scene into the blender as shown in the documentation, but ran into a problem.
Clothes do not respond to the pose.
If I can see correctly they have a separate rig.
I’m still learning daz and maybe I messed up something there.

Select the clothing rig, shift-select the character rig.
Expand the “Corrections” section of the tool and select “Merge Rigs”.


Thank you, working fine now.

Hello Thomas and all,

Could you help me solve a problem?

I have a DAZ 4.15 file with:

  • Genesis 8 Male
    • Genesis 8 Male Eyelashes
    • Dicktator Genitalia
      • Dicktator Shell
      • Dicktator Cum 2

In DAZ, the texture of Genitalia is correct (the acorn is pink …)

  • I activate Geometry Editor
  • Genitalia takes on the color of G8M (the acorn is the color of G8M’s skin)
  • I change the Mesh Resolution to 3 for G8M, Eyelashes, Genitalia and Cum 2
  • I launch Export HD to Blender

In Blender, I get:

  • Genesis 8 Male ET Genesis 8 Male HD
  • Genesis 8 Male Mesh (it is identical to Genesis 8 Male HD) !!!
  • Genesis 8 Male Eyelashes ET Genesis 8 Male Eyelashes HD
  • Dicktator Cum 2 AND Dicktator Cum 2 HD
  • Dicktator Genitalia AND Dicktator Genitalia HD

The texture of Genitalia is not correct (the acorn is the color of G8M’s skin …).
In textures (e.g. acorns), there is no Dicktator shader.

Thanks for your help

Do you know how to fix this problem in Dicktator Shaft shell node?
After HD to Blender export, the veins of the shaft are hollow rather than raised.
I’ve tried to put an Invert before Normal without success…
Thanks for your help,

Veins of shaft|418x290

Check the object normals, Reverse if needed.