DAZ Importer


(ThomasL) #81

Finally, stable version 1.3 has been released.

Documentation: https://diffeomorphic.blogspot.se/p/daz-importer-version-13.html
Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6q9gf2fw24p3ash/import-daz-v1.3-20180425.zip

Changes from previous version:

The add-on was developed on Windows 7. It has not been tested on Mac because I don’t have access to any, but it does work under Linux. Hence earlier Mac problems due to case-sensitive file names should be solved.

(dean.b) #82

Thanks so much for this set of tools Thomas , its amazing.

(dean.b) #83

Thanks so much for this set of tools Thomas , its amazing.

(mzprox) #84

Thanks for the ddon, gonna try it

(mzprox) #85

I got some questions:
I can’t find the expressions/visimes options on the toolbar… how can I see them?
Is there a built in function for binding the clothes to the rig?

edit: ok, I found the expressions. they are under the morph menu. note: they must be loaded before changing to rigify rig otherwise it will be bugged.

(Handel) #86

I installed the add-on and imported a Gen 7 model with genitalia. Great script, thanks!
A have 3 questions:

  1. I see on the top instead of poly/tri/vert counts two buttons "Reload Trusted/Ignore. I couldn’t find info about those.
  2. Load Morphs: But where to look for genitalia morphs? Also I suppose I have to adjust a morph and then merge the meshes the genitalia to be seen, then reload, adjust the next morph etc. And please an advice - as I plan for now only comics and no animations isn’t it better the do the opposite - to export my static Blender scenes in Daz3d instead?
  3. And the 3rd which is not exactly a question: With all the face morph selected when I clicked on Load Face Units I got those artifacts (I keep the blend file)

(ThomasL) #87

1,3: You must enable Auto Run Python Scripts in the File tab of the user preferences.

2: Select the mesh to which you want to load morphs. In the Utilities panel you can see where the asset was defined, in the URL field. Morphs for this mesh are stored nearby. Usually there is a directory called Morphs in the same directory, and the morphs are found in subdirectories. In the development version the file selector automatically opens in the right morphs directory, but I don’t recall if this feature was included in the stable version.


Morphs can be loaded in any order, but all have to be loaded before merging meshes. This is because they depend on vertex numbers, and once the meshes have been merged the vertex numbers change.

(Handel) #88

Thanks. What about those “Reload Trusted/Ignore” buttons? They also prevent the number of polygons to be displayed.

Edit: Got it; disregard this please. Autorun scripts options resolves the both ## 1 and 3 questions.

(gil_ruso) #89

This addon is A-MA-ZING!!!. Thank you very much for sharing, Thomas. This is genius!

Does anyone know if it’s possible to load poses after converting the rig to MHX or Rigify. If I load a pose after converting to MHX the pose loads partially with some arm rotations missing. If I load a pose after converting to rigify the pose is completely destroyed. Is it possible to load a pose successfully after converting?

Thanks a lot.

(ThomasL) #90

It is more a matter about different Daz figures. The arm rotations are off if you load a G3 pose to a G8 character or vice versa. If you load a G3 pose to an mhx rig based on a G3 character, the pose should work out decently, and the same for G8. Not perfectly, because there are differences in the armatures, but the poses should not be completely off.

When you load a pose there is an options to Convert Poses, which is meant to fix this problem. Unfortunately, it does not seem to work as intended. Let’s see if I can fix this.

(gil_ruso) #91

Thanks for the reply, Thomas. I’m loading a G8M pose to the G8M base. I have included some images so you can see what I meant.

As you can see after importing to Blender and importing the pose the result is perfect.

After converting to the MHX rig if I import the pose again the result is almost there with some arm rotations missing (I’m guessing the only thing missing is a twist rotation either on the collar or the shoulder bones).

If I convert to the rigify rig and I try to import the pose again the pose is completely destroyed.

I absolutely love the MHX rig. I haven’t tried it before and it’s a beatiful rig. It is so easy and very intuitive to use and it makes posing the charcters in Blender so much easier than posing in Daz. It would be so useful if the import pose option would work after converting the rig to MHX.

Anyway, thank you very much for all your hard work. The addon is amazing!!! And thank you very much for sharing.

(ThomasL) #92

Some of these problems have been fixed in the development version.

The mhx pose is now very close to the original Daz pose. There are some tiny differences, but I think that is inevitable, because in Daz you can pose bend and twist bones separately whereas in mhx there is only one bone to pose.

Rigify posing is less correct, especially for the legacy rigify rig, but at least the bones don’t blow up.

(gil_ruso) #93

Hi, Thomas. I have just tried the latest development version and the “import pose” option works so much better:

-After converting to the MHX rig and importing a pose it works almost perfectly. Amazing work!!!

-After converting to the Rigify rig and importing a pose it no longer explodes (which is awesome). The pose loads so much better but not as good as using the MHX rig.

-I have also found something weird with the thigh IK targets of the Rigify rig. They don’t seem to be properly align which causes weird bendings when using the leg IKs. I’m using both: stable version 1.3 and the latest developement version with same results.

(gil_ruso) #94

I have also not being able to load the face units. If I check “show units” it doesn’t seem to find any. And if I click the load face units button it shows an error saying it cannot find any morphs.

I have seen that in …/paths/genesis8-male.json the path for the units points to Base Pose and the filter is eCTRL. While in daz the face units with the prefix eCTRL are in the “Base Pose Head” directory rather than in the “Base Pose” directory. I have tried to change it manually but I have not being able to make it work. Hope this can be of any help.

Thanks a lot,

(ThomasL) #95

Pose loading works well for the mhx rig because it is basically a straightforward FK rig with some bells and whistles. Rigify is very far from an FK rig which means that it is difficult to map bone rotations. In particular the spine is very nontrivial.

The IK problem is almost certainly due to the rest pose. The rigify script assumes one rest pose (legs parallel and knees slightly bent) but the G8 character has a different one (legs apart and knees straight). This could perhaps be fixed with a new button that changes the rest pose before converting the rig to Rigify.

The search path for Genesis 8 male has been updated.

(gil_ruso) #96

Hi, Thomas. I can confirm that with the latest version, and before converting the rig to MHX or Rigify, the face units are working, also the expressions, the visemes, the correctives and the driven poses (hands, feet, torso). I have just tested with G8M, though.

If I try to load the expressions, the visemes, the correctives and the driven poses after converting the rig to MHX it behaves weirdly. For example I can load the expressions, dial a expression but if I undo the expression dial the whole custom poses tab dissapears. The torso custom poses won’t even load, etc.

Also if I load the driven poses (hands, feet, torso), convert the rig to MHX and then try to import a pose with the import pose options the pose won’t load as perfect as if I don’t load the driven poses.

You are also right with what you said about the resting pose for the Rigify rig. If I slightly bend the knees before posing the ik legs work like a charm.

Thank you very much for all your hard work. This addon is amazing!

(Handel) #97

I have a dilemma - I need to use a Blender scene with Daz characters, hence I would like to ask:
What do you think would be better -

  1. To import with this script the Daz character to Blender, together with the clothes, and to make there the poses and the expressions and to render then in Blender? So can this be done with imported through this script characters from Daz, including the morphs of the equipped clothing?
  2. To export the scene to Daz, to make the poses and the expressions of the characters (incl the clothes), and to export the already posed characters with the expressions to Blender where to render the whole scene(s)?

Right now I don’t consider rendering in Daz simply because I know very little about the Daz shaders and while I can manage with characters rendering, it will be PITA for me to achieve the variety of possibilities I can get with Blender nodes for the scenes props.

PS. A link to good tutorial how to import scenes from Blender to Daz will be highly appreciated:-)

(mzprox) #98

Regarding the leg/IK problem: i had the same with khalibloo’s script. Can easily be fixed after generating the rig: on the MCH layer (2nd from bottom right of the layers) the head of a bone around the knee (sry, Can’t remember the exact name) should be moved a bit forward thus giving a slight bend. Then it will work fine.

(gil_ruso) #99

Hey, Handel.

It depends of what you want to do.

If you just want to render your character in Blender you can still use this addon because it automates the process of setting all the materials and textures in Blender for both blender internal or cycles which is very, very helpful and a time saver.

Of course, you can make the poses in Daz and just import into Blender for rendering but if you also want to animate your character it is so much easier to do it in Blender. This addon can convert the Daz rig to MHX or Rigify rigs which are awesome rigs that support proper inverse kinematics which Daz Studio incredibly does not support yet (At least not without sliding feet and hip rotations problems that makes animating inside Daz Studio very, very frustrating).

So to answer your question, you can set everything in Daz and use this addon to import into blender and have all the materials and textures automatically set for you.

Or you can also use this addon to pose your character inside Blender using the Daz rig or you can also convert the rig to MHX or Rigify which are more professional animation friendly rigs.

Hope that helps…

(gil_ruso) #100

Here you can see the problem of trying to use IK inside Daz Studio. It’s incredible that Daz hasn’t fix this in all this years. As long as they do not fix it Daz Studio is useless for animation.