Daz Studio Free

Daz studio 1.7 Free

daz is free ? hmm another reason to get backto crappy win#dows

um… i believe that daz has always been a free program… just most of the models arnt and it kinda sucks

And they say Blender is hard to use. I’ve never actually been able to get anything posed properly with Studio. At least Poser is a bit easier to use.

No, it is actually an ancient economic principle.

You give away the razor for free and make a fortune selling the blades.

(of course this analogy might be puzzling for those who are too young to remember safety razors with removable blades).

Let me help put this in perspective…

Black & white TV with Rabbit Ears!

In past 3 years I have seen a lot of 3D softwares. All of them have something good, something bad. Blender is good and best for molding/ Animation but no sound and no vector rendering. Daz is good for keeping it Animated poses ready for future use with sound , but no walk. Poser is good but i am not able to use it. I have downloaded Maya 8.5 PLE, see what happens?

Are you familiar with the English expression: “Jack of all trades, Master of none?” Blender does sound, Daz does walk. Perhaps some concentrated study of the capabilities of one 3D software package will help you achieve your goals quicker than flailing around looking for that “perfect” package.

Well, as said: much good and some bad everywhere… yet allways a matter of the use made of a tool or another.
Personnaly, i’m over 50 and wish to pour out some artistic stuff before i die. For this reason, i’m rather in a hurry to find one central and complete tool rather than running after peaces of a constallation of apps. No time to search inside all those complex softwares for tens of tiles to gather…
Maybe Maya 2008 will be tremendous… but it’s terribly expensive, if you can’t immediately earn monney with it. I found in Blender much (if not all) of the features i would need to accomplish the annimations i dream of.
I have sooo much to still learn about that one, that i’ll probably will (have to) stick to it for the next years, if i wish to do some nice 3D before i’ll leave this world.

btw: 50, you’re young still, man :wink:
I know lotsa 20 and sth which are not willing to learn anymore of anything…those I can tell u are really old…

yup, go with Blender, anyway…Imo for making interesting stuff, there’s no better deal.