Daz Studio to Blender 2.62

This isnt mine but Ive only seen it discussed in the daz forums & feel someone should atleast post it here.

https://sites.google.com/site/mcasualsdazscripts/mcjteleblender-for-ds1-2-3-4 (direct website link)

http://forum.daz3d.com/viewtopic.php?t=184453&sid=a1771c3d265c26e9bf1e821278dc1fbe (daz forum post)

Its a script that exports the daz scene / animation into blender to be rendered with either cycles or blender internal. but it has other advantages as once the geometry is imported to blender you can edit it like anything else, for example add particle hair for extra realism.

Well thanks for the heads up, rushing over to try it out now!

this looks great! Thanks for the hint!

I’m posting this picture as a comparison between Blender Cycle and Daz Studio 3Delight Render. I didn’t use any complex settings, just the default settings of 3Delight. In blender, I added a RGB curve node and a HSV node.

3delight supports ‘‘shadows’’. so this is not a fair comparison. sorry.

i think cycles will get better then 3delight in 12 months.

I agree, not really a fair comparison. All this reveals is b!d does not really know how to use 3Delight.

i think cycles will get better then 3delight in 12 months.
Ah, the Cycles mantra. Just wait and it will get better.:stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for that, you’re right. I admit that I’m not familiar with Daz3D, just playing with the default settings. Anyway what I really want to say is that McjTeleblender scripts work great.

I’m late to the discussion but the “all this reveals is b!d does not really know how to use 3Delight” argument does not apply to Daz Studio. While 3Delight is a very powerful rendering engine Daz Studio by default curtails much of the functionality to keep it simple for less experienced users, and does not really open up much of the higher functions for the more experienced ones with the exception of the uberenvironment that comes bundled with the pro version of Studio and some 3rd party shaders, even then your still limited to scratching the surface. As a result users of Daz Studio often need to venture outside of 3Delight in order to create realism and Cycles is a viable option. The cycles mantra might be a qualified bone of contention but 6 years of Daz Studio development and little has changed to opening up the higher functions of 3Delight. If anything Daz Studio has approached an even more simplified rendering interface complete with rabbits and turtles that obscures the real functionality like bucket sizes, raytracing bounces, etc.

anyway thanks for the link, it was what I was looking for.

I like Daz Studio. I have the pre release free version with the Genesis figures. The problem is that i mainly use blender for animation and game engine exporting and development. So the Daz figure a way too polygon heavy for my uses. I could make them lighter if I had the Daz game engine pack( I think that is what it is called) But I cannot afford that.