DAZ Studio

Hello everyone,

For those that are interested in getting DAZ studio characters into blender, the new version os DAZ Studio (1.2…and still free) has some significant improvements to export capabilities. Such as:
Ignore invisible nodes
Swap Y and Z orientation
write groups
using - Node Names, Surface Names or object names
write normals
write uv cordinates
write surfaces
write material library
collect maps
convert maps for bryce

I haven’t tried all the options, but I was able to get the obj file into a directory , and the export created a sub directory for and stored the image maps.

I still had to set smooth, and re-map the textures for each object , but, using the outliner and having the textures conviently located made this fairly easy.[/img]

As oppsed to using Daz, I use a few different versions of MakeHuman and Blender. I could neer get Daz to even run on XP Home. It opens for less than a second then fails silently.

I try atleast once a year to see if Daz would work, browse their forums for tips and insight. But to no avail, ever single version does the same thing…BOINK.

So, for those who get this to work, I’m sure it makes cool scenes. But, I will probably never know, and maybe that’s a good think because I can spend more time learning Blender/Material-texture/nodes, MH, Pixie, Yafray, POV, ect.

DAZ SUCKS!!! :stuck_out_tongue: Just Kidding. For the 0.5 seconds I’ve been able to see of the UI, it seems cool.

P.S. I don’t need installations tips because I’ve tried them, their forums and sent them email after email and that didn’t work so I don’t care, I just wanted to complain about it for a minute to let off some steam. I feel better now :slight_smile:

What scale settings do you use exporting from D|S?
Have you tried Blender 2.41 wavefront export back to D|S?
If so, which options work best?


I haven’t installed 2.41 yet - I am waiting for more info. Generally, I find that 10% scale gets pretty close. So far, I have only transfered out of DAZ and into Blender. At some point, I am going to have to transfer from Blender into DAZ just so I can pose the character correctly for surrounding objects (table chair etc). The image I posted in “Finished Projects” uses a Millinium Cat exported from DAZ.

Also, I have found that exporting from DAZ into Blender it is best to select the following option:

Use surface Names

This inports separate objects for each surface names, and makes it easier to remove unwanted detail. For example, the project I am currently working on, I needed a male head, but did not need any of the inner mouth, tounge or eyes. In DAZ, I set everything but the head invisible, once imported into Blender, I could easily select objects from the outliner and delete them, then join the remaining objects as one (ctrl-j).

Perhaps more info than you wanted, but I am always willing to help as I have received so much help from everyone else on these forums.

Best of luck!!

Thank you, rtaulbee. You answered many questions I forgot to ask, as well!

                     dukytyme, does your video card have an SIS or S3 accelerator? That may be the problem. 
                     Or maybe your openGL implementation is outdated ?(but then you would be likely to have problems with MH and Blender too.)

                      Since MH went stand alone, .obj import/export should be of interest to you in any case.  I don't see alot of mees available from anywhere but Dedalo, so folks will need tools to roll their own. Pippo doesn't hold up to Daz meshes either, IMO, so it would be nice to be able to play with Vicky, Mike, or Aiko in MH Blender. Still, the remains of the Blender branch of MH are quite good for simple auto-rigging and such.
                     But it's not D|S or Poser.

Poser and Daz

Keep up the good work guys!

I been waiting for a solution to these problems for a long time now.

I am on Daz Mailing list, and just received notification about price drop on some popular add-ons such as head and body morphs.

I am often wondering about their business model. Software 4 free, but pay for content. At some point, I think they will become similar to Poser in that they will do better charging for the software and providing additional content.

As for Poser 6, I am still considering it. Although it is listed at $250.00, comp USA has it listed for 200, Amazon has some package deal for 189, and student versions are available for 129.00. Although I’m not sure if all of the functionality is available in the student version.

When I tried the demo of P6, I was impressed with the shader nodes, hair and dynamic cloth funtionality. I’m still pondering.

As for DAZ Studio, the free software is nice, but I am confused as to all of the options when shoppin at DAZ for trying to decide what clothes require what other add-on etc.

Personaly, I am not all that interested in modeling my own characters. I am just a hobbyist with precious little time to spend, yet looking for a way to get ideas out of my head and into pictures.

Best of Luck

Whey dont you get Poser5 Free and after some days upgrade with less money.

I found daz good. My 1st clip in DAZ is here
But the walk facility of Blender is more better. I tried for walk designer
of Poser for daz character but not very happy. In Blender you can use
walko.matic with different combinations and on even un-evern ground.
My unhappy Poser Walk for Daz character is here

my Happy Walk of Blender is here
See the walk of uneven using Blender

There is no doubt daz characters are good and cheap for PC members.
If they have the walk desginer then they will be best.

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