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this morning i checked my mail and had recived one from the daz saying they are giving daz studio for free, i was interested, got it, opened, thought id try to import an .obj file and boy was i suprised to see this:

i think i might start liking this app, but anyway what do you people think of DAZ Studio? tell me! :smiley:
btw scaleing of 1000% at import seems to be very good.


Daz has been giving it away for quite a while. If you have little or no interest in modeling your own characters, it could help. Search the forums, and you will find links to scripts that can make the import process easier.

It will by no means be easy to get a good looking character using Daz, you will have a lot of cleanup to do to such as getting the material for the face to accept shadows based on alpha (TraShad).

Never…Select all vertices and remove doubles
You will most likely have to at least set smooth, auto smooth and maybe even subsurf.

To the best of my knowledge, you cannot export the bones, so if you want to animate the character in Blender you will have to do your own rigging. If you want the character to look as if he/she is inneracting with obj you modeled in Blender, you will have to export the objects (reverse your scaling process) pose te characters arround the object(s), then export the character and inport into your scene.

I use Poser 5 & 6, and occasionly Daz, but all daz content can be installed and for use in Poser. Recently, Poser 5 was offeed as a freebie from Content Paradise, but I think the offer has expired.

Best of Luck!

lol, thats not what i asked, and yeah nothing new either, i got that poser 5 from CP btw… :D, and francly i prefere makehuman :stuck_out_tongue:

I also got the DAZ Studio and also the free Poser 5.

I haven’t worked with Poser a lot (can’t really understand
how it should work), but as far as I see it, poser is more
powerful (and according to boxfish also less buggy concerning
import / export of .obj files), but IMHO DAZ Studio is much simpler
to use (i.e. intuitive), so I’m using it and not poser to pose some characters,
which finally I export to .OBJ and import into blender ;-).

I’m still struggling with this conversion (I HATE this 16 material
limit in blender), but for composing the scenes, I think blender
is way better than the other tools.
I hope someone will create a script to import bones / morphs from
DAZ / Poser format into blender format :wink: .

I never got really realistic looking people from makehuman,
the figures for DAZ / poser just look better, therefore I
endure this boot Linux / boot Windows sequence.
(Yes, I do have blender on Windows as well, but whatever
tool possible I prefer running on Linux. Keeps me relaxed.)

Best regards,

btw, just got an email, it’s possible to preorder Poser 7 now.

Best regards,

no, i dont think i would, and yes logicaly i have had the mail come to me to :smiley:

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where do I download daz3dstudio & poser? searched but no result. site also does not display. help.


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