Daz to Blender8

Hello Mitchy, i face some performance issues with the new version from gumroad.
In Viewport Shading: Material Preview the frame rate drops to around 10 Fps
With an old version imported model (must be around 1.8) the framerate stays at 25 stable.
The difference is the complete different shading structure. With the old version there is everything connected to a Principled BSDF. In the New Version everything is connected to a group. The new structure is to complicated at the moment for me so i cant figure out what exact problem it could be.
Maybe you have an idea?

Awesome ! Congratz man !

By connecting as shown below, you can render Cycles with the same material composition as the previous version.

I’m sorry for the late reply.
If Mr.Ty(Daz3D COO) didn’t buy DTB, I was planned to sell it for about $23 as HD version “DazToBlenderHD” that can handle G3 and high level of fragmentation etc. However, everyone got it for free!

The only reason I use Daz is because of Renderotica products.

Without that, I have no use for Daz and use Iclone instead. Iclone characters are better overall now.

Can you develop a new Renderotica importer add-on that does not compete with your old Daz add-on?

II would easily pay $100 for such an add-on.

I don’t even use G3. I would rather pay for a full featured version than a free version that has removed support.

Xodroc, why not using DazImporter? You might import any geografts and merge these…
Personally I prefer DazImporter 1.x due to Thomas enthusiasm and its independency, it has way more opportunities)

Yeah there are options out there. http://diffeomorphic.blogspot.com/