DAZstudio buys Eovia

I’m surprised no one posted this yet: I got an email last night announcing that DAZstudio (the Poser clone) bought Eovia (makers of Carrara, Hexagon and others). Anyone else hear this?

No, but I’m not really suprised. Seems like in the past 6 months every CG or media company out there has bought another or been bought. Disney/Pixar, Autodesk/Alias, Warner Bros. and…oh I forget, and a while back it seemed that every other day some game studio/publisher bought somebody else. Oh, and I forgot the Adobe/Macromedia deal, but I don’t know when that happened.

I wonder what the future’s going to be like.

Feel fortunate that the Blender license prevents other companies from buying it and charging for it. I’ve heard the entire Carrara team will keep working on the program but some people on CGtalk think its future is uncertain.

Hexagon 2 is 32 bucks now. It has zbrush and modo 201 features. I would suggest checking out Eovia.com to see the abilities. I hear its buggy though. I’m downloading it right now.

32 Bucks? Care to prove that? It still says 269 Dollars in their own online store: http://www.daz3d.com/shop.php?op=itemdetails&item=4222&trid=255646029

Its 2 bucks for platnium club members (it still says it under the 269 dollars part). Platnium membership cost 30 bucks and 7 bucks a month if you continue to stay with them. Letterrip, BrianH and Briggs also seem to have downloaded it as well. I haven’t installed it yet though. There is a thread over at cgtalk as well about it. Seems to be an advertising campaign.

Now if they offered Carrara at that low price, 2 powerful softwares at prices that low and it could spell impending doom for Blender’s userbase.

$32 vs free. I don’t know about that. And its limited time too, until May 31st than it shoots up to 269.

I still testing things, but…
¡Hexagon2 is awesome!
Take a look the very lowpoly mesh in Blender and the results of 15’ painting in Hex2.

Imagine the easy of animate such a simple mesh and get the very detailed results :eek:

I think thi’s the best blender companion to do detailed models without ZBrush :cool:


Rendered in Blender internal (2,000,000 polys).

Yeah ok, if you go the “Subscription way”, it’s still pretty cheap for
what it can do though.

(although I usually stay away from “subscriptions” as they tend to get
very difficult to get out if)

Umm, those aren’t the same models, I missed what you were trying to point out here.

It looks like he did what I did for my music video thread. You use a cage mesh import that into zbrush or in this case Hexagon and detail it.

I think he was refering to Zbrush style painting, on a low poly mesh. It looks cool, but I think blender is moving toward this style of features in the future.

It’s just a matter of figuring out how to render it all properly.

Looks like we got some actual news stories.


I watched a few of the demo videos and it was actually tempting to buy it, but I don’t think I will just because Blender will probably have most of its features in a while anyway.

Edit: Just realized I was watching the Carrara vids instead of the Hexagon ones! :o

From all I can tell you can dump the subscription after the first month (just dont renew). I signed up, and now have Hex2 for 32 bucks. Theres even a 30 day money back gauruntee for the one month membership.

It was pretty obvious from his post that those were the same models. What he did was sculpt up that low poly mesh in hexagon then export a displacment map for it and rendered in blender. Pretty standard stuff actually.

This is a joke right? You seem to be confusing the value of something with its price. 32 bucks for a program with these capabilities (which no free program really has currently) is a steal.

Also, your’e complaining about getting a 300 dollar program for 32 bucks just because it wont always be 32 bucks? If you buy it now for 32 bucks, you wont have to ever shell out the full 300…

Sheesh, some people are impossible to please.

Anyway, after playing with Hex 2’s sculpting a bit, I have to say it’s no Zbrush killer, but its probably worth the 32 bucks.

Problems I see with Hexagon2 currently:

1:Making changes to your topology destroys your painted displacments.
This is pretty bad, and something that both Zbrush and the upcoming
Silo 2.0 handle just fine.

2:It dosn’t seem to support the same type of poly counts that Zbrush does
With Zbrush you can comfortably sculpt multimillion poly meshes with ease. The upcoming 2.5 update will allow you to work with models with up to 20million polys or more. Hexagon dosn’t seem to be able to handle similar loads.

3:No ‘grab’ brush for the displacment painting/sculpt mode
This is another biggy, although you can ‘paint’ displacments on the subdivided surface of a mesh, you can’t just ‘grab’ bits of it and drag it around like clay. This is something thats pretty essential in my mind. Hopefully I am wrong about this one and there are some options for it somewhere…

That being said, Hex is also a full featured subdivision surface modeller with construction history, LSCM UV mapping, 3d paint and support for n-gons in its mesh modeller. Pretty useful for 32 bucks.


I’m not complaining about the 269. Although I would not have bought it for 269, since I did shell out 300 for the student version of zbrush.
Anybody try making displacment maps or exporting color maps with it yet? I haven’t installed yet, been busy.

Sounds interesting, maybe I’ll do that - thanks for the heads up.
(I Do use Linux though… but you know…if it’s that good…it might be worth
booting into an extra harddisk with w2000 on it for that matter…)

ahh, a displacement map.

Thanks for the answer, no thanks for the condensending attitude. I was wonderign how the silhouette got changed, but now I know. So basically this is like Z-brush.

Actually, it is not “pretty obvious from his post that those were the same models.”, since he claimed the one in the lower was 2,000,000 polys. It looks to me more like he imported the newly sculpted mesh into Blender, and then rendered, not imported a displacement map.

Your welcome.

You’ll get over it.

Yes it is ‘like Z-brush’ in that it allows you to sculpt a multi-resolution subdivision surface in realtime and later extract a displacment map and/or bump+normal map from your sculpted form. However its is completley different type of application from Z-brush in several dozen ways, some of them quite fundamental…

Actually I will admit that the wording of his original post was a bit ambigious. However the fact that he said this,

'imagine the easy of animate such a simple mesh and get the very detailed results ’

led me to conclude that he was rendering it in blender with a displacment map and subsurf modifier that was set to subdivide the original mesh to around 2 million polygons at rendertime. This was really the only logical conclusion that made sense of his statements as far as I could see.