DB9 Attempt

Hey all!
I am brand new to these forums. I’ve looked through a few things and this seems to be a great community so I thought I’d post my current project. I am fairly new to blender and 3d modelling in general. I have always had a passion for cars so naturally I wanted to model a car. I noticed that there is another user currently working on a DB9 as well and his seems to be much better than mine, but I guess that’s why I’m here. Right now I’m working on fixing whatever happened to the wheels in the project. I had just one wheel and it looked great but after I added the other three something happened as you can see. If anyone has encountered this problem some feedback would be great! Otherwise any and all critiques and advice are very welcome.
So far with the wheels I have tried eliminating any reflection (mirror) from the material with no luck. I am using the blender internal renderer. Not sure what else you might need to know but any advice would be great. Thank you!