DB's pencil animation test

Hey all artists,

I’ve tried to learn drawing last weeks (for my concept art). My skills are improved a lot, but I still have much to learn. I try to get comfortable with a tool called Pencil (software not that elongated thing).

I’m posting a timelapse of one of my tests here so you can help me to improve my skills even more.

Here’s the vid:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEcMqxZ3OSY

very nice. see mine.

Dude, I guess you didn’t watch the video. Pencil is an open source flash. It’s something different than a 3d animation of a pencil. BTW, this is the traditional forum, so no 3d animations.

I didn’t sit through the whole thing.
You might want to stop all of the switching to the music player- distracts from the video.
But you’ve got some skill, it’s hard to criticize sketches.
Cause their not completed, but your lines show form, you know how the parts of the body are placed, and how they translate at different angles.
So my only advice would be keep practicing.
and work on something more then a sketch.

@kkrawal: how’d you do this animation? Any hint where to look?