DC3 Project update (at the bottom) oct6

added a few stringers and started on the wings and engine.
I like the way it’s coming along, but its tedious work.

this is where I was at before:
Any suggestions on what background to use? I don’t know how to change the blue.

You have the setting visible in your screen shot. You just click the blue square and pick a new color. I like your modeling by the way… I think this is a neat idea. However, if you plan on having a render of the outside of the plane as well make sure you show both the inner structure and the outside. Otherwise you’ve just wasted your work…

oh wow. I love it. Do you know of any good plane modeling tutorials?

you should use a desk backround with tools to make the plain and maybe also the plans :stuck_out_tongue:

I found this when i was looking for a few tutorials, nothing quite like what i’m doing but they might help you along

s that going to be covered or are you doing just the skeleton of the plane?

for the background- if you want a sky texture rather than just a colour, go in the texture tab and make sure the world button is selected, then just picka procedural texture or your own texture, go back into the world button and paly with the map-to settings untill its what you want

i haven’t decided yet if I am gonna cover it. I’ll have to see how hard it is to do a small surface and go from there. Thanks for the info on the background setup

Here is another update

i like the background a bit more now, more neutral.

An update:

added the leading edges, and did the wing tips, learned alot about loop cuts from that.

here is an update, finally got most of the hard stuff done. I think its looking pretty good now, time to add the little stuff and move on to something new. :slight_smile:

working on getting rid of some of the triangles so it doesn’t look so funny on the render.