DCP anyone? Digital Cinema Package

A friend of mine was asked for an animation short festival to provide a copy in DCP format?
How is that done anyone?
She has rendered the short in png - can she use this or should she have rendered Jpeg 2000?

We only know what wikipedia says about DCP https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Cinema_Package#DCP_creation

Can anyone tell us how to do a dcp movie?
She has acces to the following programs:
Blender, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and several other Adobe products(Creative cloud)

AND BY THE WAY! does anyone know why people bother about whether its DCP? movies today are digital, so why isnt AVI or quictime etc good enough?

For info from Tears of Steel https://mango.blender.org/production/open-source-4k-dcp-creation-lessons-learned/https://mango.blender.org/production/4k-dcp-available-for-testing/

Try OpenDCP.


Thanks to both of you for very useful links.

One question though - I saw that Adobe Premier Pro from version XX got a publish dcp button, and so it should be a rather painless process, but a few people say the quality sucks? Really?

I use https://dcpmaker.com