dCrypt: A Sci-Fi Blender Short Film

I’ve been a long time blender fan (4+ years) and my brother and I have decided to make a sci-fi short film using a mix of Blender and real world footage (camera tracking and what-not). Were looking for your feedback on the concept, and as we build the short film I’ll be posting blender shots along the way for more critique. :slight_smile:

Here is the main plot line:
“In a world where minds are harnessed to encrypt e-currency, a young artist seeks to free others from the corporation after escaping and discovering what it means to be human.”

We’ve entered the idea into a public-vote contest were the winner will get a load of services and equipment to help make the film come to life. :slight_smile: If you guys like the idea for the film we would greatly appreciate it if you showed your support by voting for it here: http://tmb.fm/VxK365

Update: Here is a mini trailer for the film concept:

Some of my other work

Concept/mood photo for dCrypt:

latest update:

We now have a mini trailer for our short film. Should help express the moods and tones were going for. Any feed back is appreciated. :smiley: