DDClip FREE on Windows 2000\XP

(mthoenes) #1


Wanted to pass along this little tip. According to the makers of DDClip:
“You won’t be able to install DDClip Free 2.23 under Windows 2000/XP to a logical drive on your hard disk (for example “C:”, “D:” etc.) that is larger than 8 Gb (you will get an error message “Invalid destination drive”).”

So, I tried installing the software to a Zip Disc (I did not want to re-partition my Harddrive) Anyhow, it works Just fine. Of course I have to remember to put the Zip disk in when I want to use the app. It would probably work on a writeable CD as well, I have not tested it yet though.

DDClip Free is an excellent app. I may even buy the Pro version as the price has dropped.