DDR Game programming

Hello, Nice to meet ya all. I have been on Blender to make a Rhythm and Time game. Like the Dance Dance Revolution. I already have most of the mesh models and ugly textures, plus a bunch of arrows and midi & mp3 songs, free of copyright of course. This is a little home project I’m taking on, for practice and fun! But my programming skills are bad; I have just begun to study programming, (just taking first semester!). And I will like some one can help me and orientate me on the use of the Logic bricks and Phyton programming.
What I have read, as I understand it! I need to learn time detection and tempo collision. It’s this correct? if so how should I do it?, what kind of scrip should I use for it?, As I say before I’m an absolute new on programming but I will work hard for it.
Please let me know any advice as soon as possible.
Cheers from México.
I wasn’t sure if this post it’s correct in here, I think maybe because I only want programming help, by now. It’s ok here?

There’s a game engine forum here where you can look for tutorials and the blender manual which can orient you to logic bricks etc.
Once you are furrther along, doing tempo related things is probably just a matter of checking which key is pressed and checking the time.