DDS Icons?

Ok, I’m sure this is not the best place to be posting this, but since there seems to be very few to no people in this community who use Blender to make models specifically for Fallout (which is what I’m trying to do), and since the icon I need help with is saved as .dds in the game files, and since textures are often saved as .dds when working with blender, the texturing thread is probably going to be the closest thing to the right place to ask the question on this site.

Ok so I’ve made some new weapon models for Fallout, some using Blender, some using NifSkope, and have them more or less (less) working in game. Fallout has icons for each weapon which are shown in the in game “Pip Boy” menu. All of these weapons are actually based on some weapon model from the game (as I haven’t completed my first from scratch project yet) so they all have an icon which is pretty close. But since they are significantly different I want them to have their own unique icons. For example I made a scoped assault rifle model, added it to the game, in game the weapon uses the usual assault rifle icon, but I would like to make a new one for it which shows a scope on the rifle so the icon is accurate and unique to the new weapon.

The icon files are in the game data are saved as .DDS as I mentioned. So I got the .DDS plugin for Photoshop and drew some new icons. But when I went to save the new .DDS icons, there were a ridiculous lot of options for how exactly to do that!

I basically just guessed at what settings to use and hoped that since it is .DDS format the game should recognize it. Turns out it doesn’t. When I ran the game and checked the Pip Boy menu it gave me a “file not found” error icon instead of the one I made. And I now the icon file I made is saved in the right place in the game files. So I guess I used the wrong export settings?

How can I figure out what settings to use on the Photoshop .DDS plugin when I save so that the .DDS files I make will be exactly the same type(?) as the ones that the game comes with?

Usually for mesh textures the format used is dxt1 - no alpha, but for other types of textures my team has been using dxt5

What does your team work on? Give me your team knowledge!