ddwagnz's poke'ball

Now i was given the idea last night when on #blenderchat and yeah this took a bit of time as first i ran into the biggest bitchy problem, the nasty power button on the keyboard,
so i was left with a temp file but gave me a chance to redo some parts and this morning i was just giving off the final touches,

this was rendered at 501x500 and at would you believe 16 Sample Ambient Occlusion

Make the ball larger in the picture, add some kind of subtle bump map, rethink the lighting, you should not need much AO for something so simple, think about a scene.

I’ll reserve saying weather this is good or not untill i see some more of it, with something else.

Try to improve it, if you aren’t bored of it already.:wink:

i’ve got a much larger render of it just now heh,
I dont think i’ll re work on this as its only for fun and ya!

Rendered at HD Reso, cropped down so it should only show pokeball, the background is actually transparent :slight_smile:
emm forgot to mention, i noticed when rendering it with a Hd reso, it was a bit uhh solid (not really smoothed) on the ball, so i just chucked subsurf on hehe

Owkay, i can definately see more of it, it is however just a sphere with a few colours and a button, which admittedly makes it pretty accurate for a pokeball but it’s not very interesting.

i know its nothing special but i thought id share it hehe

You could subsurf it at the very least.