de Havilland D.H.89 Dragon Rapide


After seeing some flying machines on this forum I decided to make one more. For now it isn’t much, but at least something.

Hope you like old planes.


looks great so far but…theres no wings!:eek: lol keep up the good work im waiting for updates:D

what a great choice: the Dragon Rapide is one of the most beautiful biplanes ever built, hands down. Do it some honour, will ya? :cool: (You’re on the best way, as I can see.)

Some walkarounds for detail, more reference never hurts:

I might even find the high resolution colour 3-view I had a while ago (somewhere on HD), drop me a note if you’re interested.


Yes ! I like old airplanes . Yours is fine !
I have the project of modelling a De Haviland Beaver and a Stearman PT17 for a while for my Flying Circus project… but not enough time.
Go on modelling ! I 'd like to see it finished , because it looks well started and very promising !

I just realized I can’t really model.

This is really awesome.

wow really nice mesh, better than my plane! Hope I like old planes? I like spitfires, hellcats, sopwiths, fokkers,I can go on and on…Can you post a screen with the wires? the first one is kinda small. I’ll keep an eye on this thread.

Nice subject - one, of the most beautiful plane ever made:eyebrowlift:. And good modelling.

lol but your really good at texturing:yes:

Thanks for replies everybody. And special thanks for Bartleby for his pics. Those are great.

Here is small progress


Looking good, just keep modelling!

Just wondering, are the creases on the tail there supposed to be there? If not you should probably get rid of them.


Lando, the ceases on tail are intentional. The rudder has its construction covered in canvas (not shure if this is the right word for it, but might be). As it is stretched on the ribs, it creates small waves. Moreover, aircraft have much more bumps than car, especialy 60 years old planes.

You’re welcome, Myn.pheos!

I’ve stumbeled over some more, my bookmarks are a huge mess:

Should you want to model the engines :evilgrin::

Nice update, I’ll keep watching…


Tiny update. I’m slowly adding details. Next is finishing fuselage and work on cocpit and interior.


I started working on interior. The fuselage is almost finished.

But there is a small problem. The rivets on window frames are separate objects which share the same mesh. They are only on one side, I want to mirror them on X axis. And that is the problem. Because they are linked duplicates, and each rivet object is rotated slightly diferently, it is impossible to mirror them with ctrl+m (because that is only scaling on a local axis to negative size). I could mirror them manually by moving them to opposite location on global x axis, and give each one rotation on Z of 180 - current rot, because they are parallel. Got to learn python someday…

Does somebody know, how to easily mirror large number of objects in object mode on Global X?

About month ago, I asked this in support forum: And nobody replied.


Lovely details. Can’t wait to see it “flying”.


a lot of detail in this update, great work! It’s always nice to see a complete interior.
Talking about deatil, I think the seats a re a bit too pointy at the top, should be rounder.


One possible approach towards mirrored rivets:
Add a mesh in side view, collapse into one vertex and extrude vertices corresponding to the rivet’s positions. You should have a mesh object without faces now. In edit mode, hit “retopo” to align this mesh with the underlying window geometry. Add a mirror modifier and apply it, since dupliverts don’t work on mirrors. Now make this mesh parent to the rivet and hit “dupliverts”. If you want individual rotations, you would need to “make real” and rotate the single rivets in their local space.


Hi Bartleby,

thanks for the tip on mirroring. I didn’t tried it, but I managed to write a short script, which makes all I needed. Not perfectly, but it does the job just well.



Here is a big update: I’ve finished modeling. Maybe some tiny details will be added later, but i consider the model finished. The fuselage is already unwrapped, next will be the unwrap of wings.


Wow, really nice updates. I tried to model a plane yesterday… so I appreciate this even more now.

Um… can I have an example?:stuck_out_tongue:

You walked long, long way from the first render to the lasts. Plane looks impressive and I can’t wait to see this model textured! Good work:yes: