(De)select all key?

I’ve been a away from Blender for a while, just playing with a few mesh ideas today and I’ve got completely frustrated with the A key which is no long Deselecting everything, either in object or mesh mode.

If I remember correctly I was playing about with the Sensei addon before I closed it down a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve had to reset a load of things back to normal, but can’t get the A key working properly again.

I’ve been into the Settings/Addons and deselected Sensei, Settings/Input and Reset everything that had a reset option, and I’ve looked at the bindings, A is defined for (De)select in both cases.

Where can I get my A key back!


I decided to Load Defaults, which has at least got the A key back, however…

Now, wire view mode ‘Z’ is cancelled every time the mouse moves. So, you ask for wire frame mode, all good, move your mouse, back to solid.

I’m holding off, but do I need to bite the bullet and remove and re-install?