deactivate a control when property is 0 SOLVED!!

simple question, how do i deactivate a button while a ceratin property is at 0, any awnser is appreciated but preferable logic brick solotion, thanks!

there is a property sensor

yeah i have that bit, my logic right now is a prop sensor wich is EQUAL “prop” energy" “value” 0" connected to an AND cont but what to i put on the end to deactivate the left and right mouse buttons (the firing buttons in this case)?

To deactivate the mouse sensors you could set the object to a different state using the state actuator. Not only will that deactivate the mouse clicking it will deactivate the sensors as well.

yeah that sounds like what i need, but i cant find the state actuator…

I set up a quick example…In this case the mouse click moves the cube left.This could be a gunshot…etc…everytime you click the mouse, you ading -1 to your property ammo. For the mouse left click in this case to work the ammo property needs to be between 1 and 200. When it runs out (0)…the mouse is deactivated…hopes this helps!

exactly what i need! thanks man!

No Probs!..:slight_smile:

so how would you do this with 2 firing modes, because my vehicle thing has burst fire and beam fire and 100 starting energy that recharged over time…also, how did u get the state thing toa ppear, thanks!

What version of Blender you running…If you don’t see state it probably means you not running blender…2.47…The state system was only incorporated from 2.47.

If you run the burst fire from one button and the beam fire from another, you could just use the same method…just use a different property…if it is from the same button (eg.mouse left button)…then this method wont work!

lol, i must upgrade to 2.47!
im not sure a different property would work, see they ar used from diff buttons but the both use the same property - energy (they both drain energy from the vehicle) the burst fire takes away energy every 50 frames or so, which is how often it fires and beam constantly drains energy pretty fast. sorry if its being complecated but im not exactly pro at this

ok, just upgraded, and it works a deam, thanks man this is sooo helpful!!