deactivate a default Blender hotkey?

I have a Python file that I put into scripts/startup, which I edit from time to time to customize hotkeys. (I like this method vs. just relying on a custom userpref.blend file for hotkey stuff, because it’s easier to see what I’ve changed, and it’s easier to find stuff.) The file consists of a bunch of lines like the below, organized under the different UI areas (Object mode, Mesh, etc).

kmi ='mesh.bridge_edge_loops', 'F', 'PRESS', shift=True, alt=True)
kmi_props_setattr(, 'action', 'TOGGLE')

Usually the hotkeys I add to this file override Blender’s defaults with no problems, but sometimes Blender is stubborn. For example, in the User Preferences > Add-ons tab, the built-in 3D Viewport Pie Menus add-on lets you tick on a bunch of the built-in pie menus, but their hotkeys seem difficult to override. If a default pie menu hotkey is set to something in particular, apparently nothing else can have it.

In my own custom hotkey PY file, is there a way to call out a specific default Blender shortcut (like the pie menu shortcuts mentioned above) and deactivate it? What would the code for that be, and where would I put it? Or in the case of the pie menus, is this impossible, because those scripts load after scripts/startup, and override any changes I might try to make with my custom PY file?

I know there are various tedious workarounds, like editing the native pie menu Python files to use different shortcuts, etc, but I’d like an easier, one-stop fix here. Is this possible? Thanks!

Might be the case that addons are registered after your script so override will happen.

Any way to force my hotkeys PY file to register after the add-ons?

Or I can add the PY to Blender as an add-on instead. Any idea how Blender determines which add-on is registered last? Alphabetical by name? By category?