Deactivate sensors in BGE

Hi all, I have like a “HUD” scene like primary, automatically I add a background scene to be the main one and If I add another scene (without resume any previous) I have the inconvenience to have some sensors by scene working, so this I want to know if is possible to deactivate any sensor in bge time.

As far as I know, the only way to deactivate sensors would be to remove the object they’re attached to or suspend the scene they’re in.

It is possible by switching the state of the game object.

A sensor will be deactivated when it is not connected to an active controller.
A controller is active when it’s state is set. A controller is inactive if it’s state is not set.


state 1:
Radar sensor --> AND -> Property Actuator “prop” = “prop” + 1
Keyboard sensor <space> --> AND --> State Actuator Set 2

state 2:
Always sensor --> AND --> Property Actuator “prop” = 1
Keyboard sensor <space> --> AND --> State Actuator Set 1

when state 1 is active the radar sensor will be evaluated
when state 1 is not active the radar sensor will not be evaluated

But I’m not sure that I understand your problem. So this might not the best solution for you.

Thank you for the help, tomorrow I’ll look info/examples about this option. I have never seen anything about State scene actuator in my short experience with blender.

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Perfect Monster, solved my problem although I must to change almost all the logic.
P.S. Looking for a example in google, casually I found a videotutorial about it made by you, I’vent seen here around in blenderartists, can you post a link where are them and if has any kind of subscription?

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this is one of the absurdity of SCA

bge need to a upGrade system…(not that there many system, symply None system, semplificate,unificated system,None system)

You can find my tutorials in my signature links.

Marco, I do not understand what you want to say.

@Monster :

what i mean is that SCA increase complexity for nothing .

i not mean python vs bricks!

brick can exist a lot , without SCA , i not see the advantage of subdivide the logic in 3 piece .
i guess instead that bge is birth with this , without a clear plan .

the problem is that is still!
what can be better? one step logic , normal.

if click -> if radar -> if ray …etc this can be done with brick without sca

is not a lot more simple ? (instead to make workaround?)