Dead Cyborg - a big game project

Dead Cyborg (old project name: Iron Steam) homepage started with the debut trailer:

Dead Cyborg is a hard-sci-fi adventure game in first persion view, and with detailed graphics.
It is a donation based game: first episode coming at middle of 2011, next episiodes published when enough donation come in. But you can make donation now, check homepage.

Of course it uses Blender Game Engine.

(I am not endi, I am abc123.)


“(I am not endi, I am abc123.)”

looks very promising!! the graphics are amazing.

It does look very good.

Great job dude, looks professional (looks like it has been done with 3ds max).
You’re new on this forum but your skills are impressive do you have some links with some other jobs you did ? :smiley:
I’m gonna follow your thead.
Keep up the good work

Advanced search -> User name : Endi and click on search

This IS Endi. Welcome back :wink:

Hello Endi. Looking forward to this new project.

yep, the art looks like the one endi was showing off some time ago… Good luck man! I really hope that business model will work (watched youtube vid).

This looks great! Wellcome back max123, uh… sorry… endi;)

Wow, good to see you’re back! I’ll be following this project- looks really great!

why not put your project up @ :slight_smile:

nah!.. endi was better… :wink:

good idea, but only companies allowed to put games on this page

I don’t know how it is in Hungary but in Sweden it’s dirt cheap to register a company name.

I wish you the best!

Edit: There are networks that sell games, like Steam and such. There are examples where they sell episode based games. Think big. Especially for that quality you make.

cool game :smiley:

good job endi, as usual

will keep my eyes on it and wish you good luck with development

wow, it is on!

Looks very nice abc123 ;), wish you the best on your project :slight_smile:

fantastic level of quality in this work, i hope to see more :slight_smile:

come up with a fictitious name and register on IndieDb