Dead Cyborg EP1

Im forgot to put this project here. So now. :slight_smile:

hey endi!

Loading the online version right now… Rated 5 btw ^^


Dead Cyborg can be argued to be one of the greatest achievements within the Blender Game Engine, the game is visually appealing and the narrative is mysterious and enthralling to the audience. Though the game is challenging - I must confess that I had to visit the walk through upon multiple occasions - it is very pleasant to play, I look forward to the release of the second episode of this fantastic endevour.

I second that. :slight_smile: This should be featured in the official blender showcase videos.:yes:

The blender community should appreciate this project as a step up to game development in the BGE and donate if possible.:yes:

just finished the whole episode (and without the walkthrough too haha!) Very very nice and professional. Some walk animations would be nice for the player, you can see that the character is just sorta moving and rotation by the shadows. I can’t wait for the next episode! I love the story (not the most original, but I love the way it’s presented)

Shows that the BGE can give some other engines a run for their money :wink:

Oh yea and the menu is amazing! Best menu I’ve ever seen in a game, i must say.

Um, don’t try to play this in multi-texture mode.
You can’t find on of the keycards in teh first level because it is behind a spiderweb. In GLSL they are transparent, but in multi-texture it is opaque.
Other than that it is a very good game, even in multi-texture.

Yup. Finally a thread on Finished games section. i alwys wondered why there was no thread on this section. Anyway the game was fantastic. looking forward for new episodes.:slight_smile:

Looks like a great game from what Ive seen and heard. Cant wait untill the mac version comes out!

multitexture mode is not official, only the glsl is the official :slight_smile:

mac test version already avaiable:

Wow, truly amazing, brilliant work, 5* :slight_smile:

Very good and original game :cool: a 3D adventure!. (At first it looked like another first person boring game) :cool: :cool:

How did you make the web version? I’d like to make a web version of my game, so that you can play it on any OS.

What’s the difference with mac version?

Ups… I found it by miself… - Burster plugin - Good news for blender ge.

yah mills its more for old news since burster was released more than one year ago, but i think that few users know about it! Its a great plugin for shure!
And Dead Cyborg is great, the criativity used on the game is above some famous games out there, its simple but its an unique experience!

Maybe you should add a screenshot or two, or even post the trailer. That’ll really grab attention.:yes:

Does the mac version only works with a browser? Do you have plans to release it as a regular mac ‘app’? I wanted to play this game which has received so many good comments here on blenderartists, but I do not want to install firefox or chrome just for that.

PS: How the ‘pay if you like’ business model is going? Is the income the same as if you just released a demo and requested payment for the full game?

@felipearts - from post # 10:

As stated, this is still a test version.:slight_smile:

Great work, abc123.

One suggestion though. I think you should really considering adding mouse and WASD controls. Its a giant pain the ass to use arrows to control camera and the character.

Also, you should clean up the dialog display. Its a bit annoying when it polutes it with game messages - hard to read the info boxes.

Other than that - looks great.

@aleksig6 - He added mouse and keyboard controls. It’s present here.

Oh, I see…

I played an online version, so if its in the downloadable one - its cool then. But mouselook works with burster, so I still think he needs to update an online version too.

im going to try it now looks amazing!!!

2 thumbs up d-(’_’)-b